Projects created during my Ph.D. Program

I am looking forward to filling this section very soon.

Projects created during my Master’s Program

Master’s Thesis:

Bugni and Horowitz (2021) Permutation Tests for the Equality of Distributions of Functional Data

– Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Dominik Liebl

Final project for the Research Module in Econometrics & Statistics:

Basis Choice for Scalar-on-Function Regression with Applications to Near-Infrared Spectroscopy

– Group Project with Jonathan Willnow and Jonghun Baek
– Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Dominik Liebl

Final project for the courses Microeconometrics and Scientific Computing:

“Outlier Detection in Sensor Data using Functional Depth Measures

– Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Philipp Eisenhauer
– Cooperation with Daimler AG

Final project for the course Computational Statistics:

Comparison of Variable Importance Feature Selection Methods in Continuous Response Random Forest

– Supervisor: Marina Khismatullina, Ph.D.

Projects created during my Bachelor’s Program

Bachelor’s Thesis:

Malicious Intent and Multiple Testing in Regression Discontinuity Estimation

– Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Joachim Freyberger

Final Project for the course Applied Time Series Analysis with R:

The Effects of Component Permutation on Estimated Impulse Responses in a three-dimensional SVAR[1] Model

– Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Robinson Kruse-Becher

Ph.D. Application Materials

Even though this will be embarrassing to read in a few years, this is the material that got me into my Ph.D. program. As I would have liked to have insight into similar material while writing my applications, I decided to make it available on my website. Good luck to all future Economics Ph.D. students!